Compostable Liners

Ecolander Compost Caddy Liners are currently available to purchase in the following stores


Ecolander UK LTD compostable liners are made from cornstarch and are 100% certified compostable. We work very closely with the resin manufacturer meaning we can guarantee only the best material in used in our products.


Ecolander compostable liners are OK Compost & OK COMPOST HOME accredited as well as conforming to standard EN13432.


We supply to the retail industry with our compostable caddy liners and also the waste management industry with a range of liners from 10L up to 240L.


We carry a stock range of compostable liners of the following sizes: 10L, 40L, 80L, 120L and 240L

Please contact us for bespoke sizing and branding.