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"NatureTwine", is the newly developed multi-fibre Ecosystem of renewable raw materials for vine vegetables.


What's new about "NatureTwine"?


- "NatureTwine" is made from natural fibres.


- "NatureTwine" is suitable for all vegetable productions, whether in the glass or in the outdoors.


- "NatureTwine" is characterised by its extremely high UV stability.


- "NatureTwine" is designed to work on the majority of wrapping machines.


- "NatureTwine" is similar to the previous ecosystems. The behaviour in the glasshouse or in the film tunnel is, however, significantly different.


- "NatureTwine" is distinguished by its positive properties with regard to the glass climate.


- "NatureTwine" is a contribution to conserve the environment and avoid millions of tons of plastic waste.


- "NatureTwine" is produced within the EU, and is now entering the market.


NatureTwine means you have no plastic waste after the cultural period!


NatureTwine has no plastic elements nor is it is to be confused with PLA biotwine or Jute.


NatureTwine can be chopped, and shredded at season end saving time and money along with the environment.


NatureTwine becomes a valuable compost after a short time!